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Man. What's a "light bag?"

With right at 20 discs in an E2, loaded down with liquids, towels, Gold Bond Powder, smokes, beef jerky, golf ball, bottle opener, Band-Aids, aspirin...and probably some other stuff that gets taken out and thrown away once a year...

Well, anytime someone lifts mine in the act of being friendly/helpful, they invariably have to stop and re-grip it, and say, "Good Lort! Whaddaya got in here, bricks?!"

I am over-prepared. Besides which, I look at this game as a form of exercise, so the more I sweat the better I feel. I want pain in my calves! I enjoy an aching lower back after several hours toting that bad boy...

My Madame is a brand new Roc3 we got in the Club's pack when we signed up this year. It's very pretty, and I am loathe to scar it. Besides, I have two Warships and a Tursus that work nicely in its stead. Still, I am sorely tempted, often. See: very pretty.

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