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Originally Posted by Ptronius View Post
I don't care about "what is par?", thank you very much. This, however, interests me. If it doesn't interest you then why are you responding to it?
You are missing the points. This point has been discussed ad nauseam since the site was created. You can see the countless threads and posts on this subject. Clearly you didn't search the forums for these topics, or you wouldn't have been the latest person to propose a new method for weighted reviews.

You're trying to creative objective points to a subjective system which is why it's all for naught. Even the people who attempt to be objective with their ratings criteria, there's a level of subjectivity involved. What about the person who had a bad day on the course, and decides to give a course a 0 because they're in a foul mood? What about the person who gives a pitch-n-putt course a 4 or 5 because it was easy for their 8-year-old? Well, that just happened in the past week. And based on weighted reviews, a poor review such as this should have more influence.

It's the same issue when people argue a trusted reviewer's rating should carry more weight. Spoiler: it shouldn't. Why should my review carry any more or less weight than yours because I've reviewed & played 300+ courses and you haven't reviewed any? Why should my review carry more or less weight than yours based upon when we've each played/reviewed the course?

You can try to keep proving a point, but Tim has made it clear there isn't going to be a change to the system. The closest he's come to listening to an idea is to have older reviews age off. Even that has been shot down simply because the site doesn't get enough reviews. Look at the list of top rated courses in 2018 versus the overall list of top rated courses. There's a lot of overlap showing that great courses generally remain great. It also shows that the number of reviews per year is relatively small.

Enjoy the site for what it offers. It's done pretty good for itself these last 11 years.
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