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Originally Posted by SonicGuy View Post
Alan Francis is the Ken Climo of horseshoes. The video below has a lot of shots of him doing his thing. All the top horseshoe guys throw left foot forward. I don't think it would take much for Francis to convert his horseshoe form to disc putting.

It's funny you mention this, I actually played around with a horseshoe style throw a bit.

I was playing horseshoes one day and realized that if the stake was a disc golf basket I would be able to hit it almost every time with a shoe. I'm not pro or anything, but even a recreational horseshoe player is probably getting within a basket size of the stake with almost every throw.

The idea was to step forward to the marker with my left foot, and release the disc exactly as I would a horseshoe. I was hoping it would fly like a push putt. The problem was with using the exact toss as a horse shoe, I wasn't able to get the disc to actually fly, it would just tumble through the air. I toyed around with different release and toss methods, both backhand and forehand. The problem was in order to get the disc to fly properly, I had to alter the toss motion too much for it to be effective. I could get the disc to fly, but I lost all of the accuracy benefits of the horseshoe toss. I eventually decided a more traditional push putt was more effective.
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