Thread: [Compare] Innova Leopard v Legacy Bandit
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Icon Bandits start out a lot like Valks. But as they break in, I've found they lose a lot more HSS than LSS; which (I think) is why they're getting compared to Leopards more than Valks (some turn, little fade). FWIW, the first run Bandits were known to be more understable than later run Bandits, so that might be worth consideration too.

I throw a lot of Patriots, they're one of my favorite all time molds. Legacy recently did a run of Patriots in Excel plastic. These discs are a ton of fun to throw for long turnovers (If you're looking for a longer DX/beat Leopard). Icon/Pinnacle Patriots take several months to break in (for me) before they are reliable turnover discs. They start out closer to a semi-beat teebird/TL... very straight & glidey with minimal fade. FWIW, on good days I can get them out to 350', but I'm usually throwing them around 320'.
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