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Default Portland, OR area DG Courses?

Anyone feel like enlightening me on Portland area courses and the weather?

My niece wants me to come visit her at Lewis and Clark before she graduates this May, and late February is the only time I can get there. I could either go for a weekend, and maybe play one round of golf, or I could go for maybe a full week, and spend 4 or 5 weekdays golfing. So here are the two questions...

Weather wise, what can I expect? Will it be cold and rainy all day every day? If so, I think that would get pretty old pretty quickly. But if the weather is 'patchy' (don't you call 'em 'sunbreaks' up there?) I'd go for it.

So if the weather's bearable, what courses would you recommend? I've got Pier Park, Horning's Hideout, and Milo McIver on the radar. (Is Timber Park worth stopping at when I play McIver?) Also possibly Trojan, Adair, and/or Dabney.

Note: I'm not a very skilled DG'er, with somewhat errant 200-250' drives, so the potential to lose all my plastic is a downer. Also, I'm highly allergic to poison oak, to the extent that if there's much of it, it becomes a distraction. (And of course, once I start thinking 'don't throw it in that patch of oak up there,' it's guaranteed that that's where it's going!)

Thanks much!
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