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Originally Posted by Mike C View Post
I feel like my neutron wraths started pretty close to the old SPD's I threw, maybe feeling a touch faster. Both were straight to a fairly aggressive fade for me, with a great combo of glide and predictability.

If the Wrath flew more OS than PD's for you, what's your take on a flat proton / eclipse Volt VS your PD's? I know you threw PD's longer than I did, giving you more experience with the mold.
My Proton/Neutron Wraths are close to my bookend overstable PDs and tbh are better moderately overstable drivers all around. Most of my PDs were straighter than my Wraths with a longer "push" or glide phase of the flight with a later fade.

Volts have been a very mixed bag for me. In general their stability is remarkably close to the PD with the straight push and late fade, but they are slower and take more effort to go the same distance. My biggest issue with Volts has been consistency. My old flat Protons are like mini Wraths. My original N is pretty straight, but doesn't power down at all. My Eclipse and Plasma are all well overweight and I don't like that heavy feel. On top of all that I just got a flight #'s 174 Proton with slight dome and it flips instead of pushing flat and doesn't really do straight at all. The Volt seems rough to me as well. It has deeper and wider seams between the pieces and doesn't seem to come together as nicely as the newer molds. I'd like to see a rebuilt Volt mold.
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