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Originally Posted by LateWesternSky View Post
But what you said only makes sense for people who lack willpower. Obviously I don't know you, but I believe you have enough willpower to not spend your days staring into a screen solely because you own a smartphone. You've already gotten over social media, a smartphone won't magically make you go back.

Denying yourself the tools of a smartphone is like building a deck with a hammer and nails. Sure, you can get the job done. But my drill and I will get it done in half the time. Which leaves me more time to spend with my loved ones.
The majority lack the willpower that would allow them to use their phone well. I am impressed by people who recognize their lack of self-control and take steps to protect themselves from things that could easily become addictive or counterproductive.

I can't imagine what of use I'm denying myself by not having a smartphone. Of course, I've also built two homes without a drill or a nail gun, so I likely have quite different values than you.

Time-saving devices do not generally improve quality of life.
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