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Originally Posted by raceface59 View Post
The threads in the Discs section on the then-upcoming new Innova Destroyer were fun to read.
Still paging through some of these, it's incredibly fun. Seems like there was a lot of positivity early, and it's cool to see that it exploded after that.

Originally Posted by BogeyNoMore View Post
Welcome. Make sure you learn the secret DGCR handshake.
Thanks! Awaiting my initiation.

Originally Posted by armiller View Post
This is a good place for disc golf, for sure. Welcome!

Alongside the 200' upshots, make sure to develop a serviceable forehand in a similar range.
I still play the most rounds on the short tees nearby (mostly ~200-250' holes) because I figure until I'm birdieing every one of them all the time, I have a long way to go. I only throw fairly neutral putters and mids on these shots. I'm starting to get decent C1 accuracy on different lines, but my putting isn't converting past 20'. When I putt, I've started to notice that if I let my arm dangle and feel the weight of the disc as if I was throwing a bean bag, I have more control and my swing is getting more consistent. But I'm still not sinking them as often on the course. I always appreciate any insights here. Putting is hard!

For forehands, I have a few Buzzzes and Undertakers (and already love them for BH). Any favorite resources for newbie FH advice to get up to 200' safely w/ good technique? I have a minor shoulder issue and I want to take it slow. I've seen the Stokeley vids, Ulibarri, and similar, but I really need help as someone who never learned to throw a sidearm baseball or similar technique properly. I always feel like my lower and upper body aren't connected and it puts weird torque on my body. Can move it to a form review once I get a bit underway w/ beginner best practices.
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