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Sorry for the massive post, unless that is exciting... Looking to unload a lot of my old plastic. I have a lot more but this is a good start. I am hoping to find out what discs are worth selling, say greater than $20. A few I am sure are but others I have no idea and am having a hard time finding identical models for comps.

Here are a couple random comments but help on any of these is greatly appreciated!!

1) Discraft mid-range prototype 2003 Not sure what it is – slow and understable
4) Lots of these – buzzz tooled on inside rim
7) Discraft Challenger Lite Putter 2006
10) Dx shark World's biggest disc golf weekend – either '92 or 97
11) Glow DX teebird Haven't found another one old enough that says 'distance driver'
18)Buzzz SS - Original run I believe
21) C.E. TeeBird - Feels like Champion
22) Star destroyer - Why did I put ink on this?
23)2nd First run Buzzz - Wasp tooled on inner rim
24) xcalibre - Premier (I think) of this disc – says 2008
25) Cryztal Buzzz
27) Star destroyer X-out Got this in 07-08'
34) Z-Flick First Run
35) Dx Ontario roc
36) esp Buzzz 10/10/10 date stamped
37) Pro line spider This disc feels amazing!
39) Champion Beast Barry 2003 Champ
42) dx destroyer From 07-08'

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