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Years playing: 1 year(seriously), 8 years(very casually), 12-13 years of throwing plastic circles in some form or another. Was a 3 disc FH only && occasional ultimate player up until about a year ago.
Throwing Style: RHBH, but lots of FH approach/touch shots
Distance (avg/max):
- Destroyer: 390/430, flat & hyzer lines;
- Teebird/Alpha: 325-350/375;
- Roc: 275-300/350;
- Warlock/Nova: 230/275;

Age: 28
Sex: M
Injuries: none, work a desk job so not as flexible as I’d like to be
Other sports: Soccer, basketball(sometimes)
What do I like: I have a pretty focused set of molds at the moment, and feel pretty good about the balance of the bag. Currently most of what I throw is stable/overstable, or at least started out as it, and my home course tends to be pretty windy, which keeps me from buying too much off the shelf understable plastic.

Goals: BH really consistent out past 400, right now I’m toeing that line, where I hit 400+ at least a couple times a round, but am not as consistent as I’d like to be on the lines I want to throw. Max distance I can/have hit is around 440-460, but not particularly controlled shots. I also want to improve my 50-100 foot jump-putt game, and would generally love to be more consistent from 25-40 ft and out through putter range when not just laying up.


175 Destroyer - Star - Stable (used & flat): workable distance. Would throw it more if it wasn’t red and hard to find
171 Destroyer - Star - OS (fresh & flat): headwinds
171 Destroyer - Star - Stable (used & pop top): started OS, now beat in to stable w/ glide. I can count on this disc in windy but not headwind situations.
164 Destroyer - Star - Stable (fresh & pop top): it’s light, it’s a bomber. Gets distance, will hyzer flip.
171 Destroyer - Pro - US (beat & flat): max D, holds an anny, hyzer flips & tailwinds

170 Firebird - Champ - OS (beat & domey): FH approach shots, FH off the tee
175 Firebird - Glow Champ - OS(used & flat): Off the tee, more OS than the 170
172 Alpha - Stable/Os (fresh): Hyzers, between a teebird and firebird
172 Alpha - Stable (beat): Longer teebird shots, 325-350 ft hyzers, straight shots
175 Teebird - Stable(used)
171 Teebird - Stable(beat) - getting to US, straight shots out to 350, 300-325 ft hyzers

180 Roc - DX - OS (new): just in case
177 Roc3 - Star - OS/S (used): reliable fade, FH approaches. I cycle dx Rocs around this slot
180 Roc - DX - S (used): straight, some fade on shorter approach shots
180 Roc - DX - US (beat): turnovers, hyzer flips
180 Gator - Metal Flake - OS (used): Windy approaches & headwind putts

171 Stego - OS: utility, trick shots. Get out of jail free card.
175 Nova - S (used): approach & short tee shots
172 Nova - S (fresh): approach & short tee shots
175 Warlock - SSS - S (used): main putter
175 Warlock - SSS - S (used): main putter

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