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Default Soft turning FW disc

Just checking to see if anyone has a good suggestion for a very specific FW disc I'm looking to possibly add to my bag. I don't need or want to discuss throwing ability or anything else. Just a good suggestion.

I have a Lat 64 Gold Line Maul that when I first started out throwing, was my favorite disc. It was my longest throwing disc and it was a blast to throw! But now that my disc speed has increased, I can't keep it straight to save my life! Like even on a 60% power throw, it still results in a huge sweeping right anhyzer shot. NEVER fades at all. It's not so bad that it becomes a roller (unless I accidentally throw it with some anhyzer), but it DEFINITELY goes right a long way. Like 50-80' right from where I let go! Which is handy for very specific shots. But overall, I don't "trust" it to do what I want. I feel like it can go anywhere from 30-80 feet right of my target line. So it's really a risky disc for me to throw now. And since I can't anhyzer or FH throw well yet, I'm trying to find a disc that can give me that soft right turn.

So what I'm looking for though is something along those lines, but just MUCH softer right. So you know how if you throw a money disc that goes dead straight with a soft left fade? Well, I'm looking for the opposite. Straight or slight high speed turn right, with a soft right finish. If I threw it dead flat and hard, it would go maybe 10-20' right, stay there and finish there.

I throw my farthest discs usually around 340-360 with the occasional bigger rip going near 400. But as far as consistently, it's around 350 give or take with my speed 7-9 discs to get that distance. My S line FD's aren't quite what I'm looking for, but almost. They go a little right at first, then fade back consistently at the end just a little. So the net is about 0. But I want something that has a net of about 5-10%. So if I threw it on an intended line, it would end maybe 10-20' right every time, but NEVER turn real far, and never roll.

So I'm wondering if getting something like an MVP Amp, or Prodigy F5, or Lat 64 Jayde or River would be that disc for me? And would it help to maybe get a disc that turns a little to much, but in a harder more stable plastic? Like if I got a River in Opto? Or a Maul in Opto? Or an F5 in 750? Would that make a difference?

I can't anhyzer throw at all really. I practice it often, and it's just not happening yet. So until I can, I just want to find a speed 7-9 disc that can give me that nice soft anhyzer line right, but just nothing majorly right. And I'm really confused by reading some reviews of these discs I "thought" would be exactly what I'm looking for. The Amp, the River, the F5, etc. They all say they have -2/1 type numbers for HSS and LSS. And yet most reviewers say they are pretty straight flying discs? So I'm pretty confused. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks
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