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Yes, I am a perfectionist in certain things, haha. It's extremely frustrating finding out that not only is there no easy way to find discs that you KNOW will go certain distances relative to your swing speed/distance, but that ALL the discs come out different! Flat top, semi flat, slight domey, domey, stiffer, more flexible, etc. And ALLL from the same mold and plastic! That's pathetic. Can you imagine if this was the case in golf or any other sport. People would be revolting and demanding this be fixed immediately. But it sounds like this is the norm in disc golf and everyone just has to buy a thousand discs and figure out which ones you like. I guess I need to realize all this about disc golf quickly and stop worrying about it. Just play the discs I have and add some here and there for shots I don't have already. Doesn't make any sense, but oh well, get used to it? Right?

I guess, what I'm really looking for now (since my bag is pretty much full), is 1-2 approach discs that just drop dead at a certain distance, and then 1-2 really good Forehand discs. I have a Berg I just got in the mail today for short approaches, now I need to find a mid that does the same, and possibly a fw or control driver speed disc that also throws like a lawn dart. So any suggestions there is appreciated. Something I can throw around 250' and it just drops like a dart. Then same thing for around 300'. Just for reference, with where I'm at distance wise. My mids go around 280-300 and my fw/control drivers go around 310-350 depending on the glide and disc.

Same for forehand. I NEVER throw FH on a course, as I can't for some weird reason. Every single FH I throw when I practice, wobbles out horribly and crashes right hard! I've had a few decent throws that go around 250-275 and somewhat where I aimed, but are so wobbly and just not flat at all! Some almost look like I was trying to throw a spike hyzer bomb or thumber they go so hard right and straight down into the ground. I have no idea how my FH is so bad. I can throw and do all other sports really well, so it's strange that my FH isn't good right away. I'm practicing here and there to get better at it.

But I think I already have 1 amazing FH disc in my bag, that I just found out is incredible for FH's. The Leo Piironen FD2 Royal Rage. And after picking it up to feel it out for a FH, I have to agree, it feels amazing for FH. So thin, so perfectly flat on top, and has that nice smooth straight sloping wing, no weird shapes. And is very smooth on all parts of the wing and rim. So then all I need is a speed 10 or 11 long distance FH disc that is VERY much like my FD2 as far as feel goes, but just for longer shots. Something that goes pretty straight, won't turn much left, and has a soft fade right. Something like a DD or PD maybe? I just found out yesterday that something that has a more flat shape on the wing is really good for FH, as well as being thinner overall and a flat top? Plus super stable plastic. So maybe a C line DD or PD? Or even an Axiom or MVP disc? It will also double as my only OS driving disc as well. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks for the info!
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