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Originally Posted by SuperWookie View Post
Arrrgggghhhhh, so frustrating. I just want discs that go different distances just like golf. I don't want to have to sort through hundreds of discs over my lifetime trying to find the perfect disc for every shot. I just want to know how far certain discs will go based on throwing around 400' max distance. I feel like it should be much easier to get that info and know aproximately how far discs go, if you know how far someone can throw.
I'll give you a rundown for myself, seeing as I throw that 400' golf line distance generally.

If I say a disc is stable I mean straight/neutral. If I say a disc is stable-OS that means neutral to fade, think like a Teebird. If I say OS then I mean truly beefy like a Firebird, the low-glide OS disc class. All discs are thrown flat if neutral and hyzer flip if they turn. Flex lines would be longer but there are more variables, so distances for stable-OS and OS could be longer on different lines.

Putters - US/stable/and stable-OS all go same distance, and that is 280'ish easy/300' harder

Putter-mid OS hybrid like a Zone/Harp - 275'ish

Mids - US/stable 330ish, stable-OS 320'ish. Pure OS like a Gator I don't know, likely well under 300' but it's been a while.

Fairways - US/stable/stable-OS - 350' easy 370' hard
OS with glide like a Thunderbird is 330' up to 350' hard.
True OS like Firebird is 300-320'. Some very OS FAF Firebirds are significantly shorter. So this is with my mids in distance.

Distance drivers - US/Stable/stable-OS 375-400+
True OS is 330-350'.

So you can see if I want to throw a pure hyzer at 330' through wind I need an OS distance driver. But if I want to throw a sweep hyzer in calm that glides as far left as possible at 330' I might throw a more neutral or stable-OS fairway, since it will stay afloat and get more left.

Different speed classes have different characteristics in wind and on the ground, but then when you go too OS you lose distance and the disc can lose a distance class or even more.

If you're looking to try out something in that OS utility range, then something like an FD3 is a good start. It's not as unmanageable as a Firebird but is still OS to skip and handle all wind. Fast enough to cut through wind and handle overhand shots, do skips and FH rollers, but not so beefy it'll fade out of your hand if you try to power it down. The PD is a fantastic FH laser disc, but can be quite power hungry for BH shots. Called the power driver for a reason.

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