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Originally Posted by SuperWookie View Post
Yes, I am a perfectionist in certain things, haha. It's extremely frustrating finding out that not only is there no easy way to find discs that you KNOW will go certain distances relative to your swing speed/distance, but that ALL the discs come out different! Flat top, semi flat, slight domey, domey, stiffer, more flexible, etc. And ALLL from the same mold and plastic! That's pathetic. Can you imagine if this was the case in golf or any other sport. People would be revolting and demanding this be fixed immediately. But it sounds like this is the norm in disc golf and everyone just has to buy a thousand discs and figure out which ones you like. I guess I need to realize all this about disc golf quickly and stop worrying about it. Just play the discs I have and add some here and there for shots I don't have already. Doesn't make any sense, but oh well, get used to it? Right?
But ball golf lines are boring. Yeah they can do a little shot shaping here and there, but nothing like a hyzer flip to turn to fade. It's probably not possible to fix as long as the discs are made out of plastic. There's not specific distances because discs fly a lot differently than golf balls. In ball golf you are essentially hitting a "hyzer" every time because you can hit it high and drop it consistently where you want. Hyzers are the easiest to range in disc golf because they fly predictably. But as soon as you get straighter shots and disc flip and anhyzer, it's much harder to range and has to just be learned by feel. And truly you should do the opposite of everyone, buy LESS discs and learn the ones you have. I'd take 3 discs I intimately know the flight of over 20 discs covering every stability that I've never thrown before.

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