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Thanks guys! That helps more. I think the more I look at all my discs, I already have more than I need. Maybe an FD3 or something like that MIGHT be needed. But I think I'll just play what I have and learn them well. And obviously work on throwing better. Went out yesterday and we had amazing weather! 75, cool breeze and sun. But I wasn't throwing that well for some reason. Timing felt a little wonky. Still, it's nice that I can go out now and throw and know what 60-75% of my throws will do. Getting less and less really horrible throws or really bad pulls. So that's good.

REALLY loving my new mids I picked up recently. Got a C line glow MD3 and an S line and they just BOMB for a mid! I can throw those things on a super repeatable slight hyzer line 270-300 ever single time now! Like almost never miss that throw! It's really fun. They are becoming my GO TO discs for almost any medium or longer throw. Also picked up a Moonshine Compass and it too is amazing! It fits perfect between my extremely neutral Star Mako3 and my more stable MD3's. It's very straight with a slight fade at the end every time. Haven't had it turn on me yet. So my mids are quickly becoming my favorite discs. I've got all the bases covered there.

And continue to LOVE my S line FD's! Just about my most comfortable discs in my bag. It's either dead straight or 5' of turn, with a super reliable tiny fade or medium fade at the end depending on the angle. Not liking my Royal Rage FD2 much yet. It's super overstable and low glide. I think I've only thrown that thing well a handful of throws. It goes low and left every time and just feels odd in my hand. Although I'm starting to practice FH's and it feels the best for that.

Also, just picked up a Neutron Ion, and that thing is putter driving city! So straight with a reliable tiny fade at the end. Almost as long as my mids!!!

As far as my form goes, I feel like I'm stuck again and not really improving. Had that nice big jump over the last few weeks that culminated in much longer throws, but now, the last few times I've gone out, it's the exact same results, NO increase in distance at all. I still feel like I'm missing some secret technique that isn't allowing me to really sling the disc. I still feel like I'm sort of strong arming it. And on throws where I really let the disc come in late to my chest before I try to fling it out, those throws are even worse. They seem like they might have more spin, but they kind of just float out there and then fall down. They're not very penetrating flights and the distance is quite a bit lower. Which is weird, because it feels like I'm doing more what I should be doing, but the results are worse.

I've had some great success by adding the X step hammer throw walk into my throw (just like SW's video). It cleaned things up a lot and added some much needed timing and balance. But now, it feels like in order to throw farther, I need more than that? I didn't film myself the last two times because nothing changed and I just didn't feel great throwing. But I'll try to get some more video up soon.
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