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Originally Posted by slowplastic View Post
Those are some good discs. I bag the Ion and Compass as that stable-OS putter and mid slot. Both have typical glide and amazing consistency. I also bag the FD as a stable/neutral but glidey fairway. I think the Mako3 and MD3 are both very good too but I don't own them. All of those are great for field work as you can throw them on any line.
Thanks! Yeah, I have 4 total FD's that I bought for fieldwork months ago! They're my favorite disc to throw. Although those two MD3's are quickly catching up. Same with the Compass. I really like how heavy all 3 of those are and how they're a little larger than all the other discs! I really can feel the weight of them and it just helps me to whip them more. I can really huck that glow MD3 sometimes really far for a mid. Like it thinks it's a FW sometimes, haha!

I recently realized I need to get my mid game going, now that I'm actually playing more often on a course. I'm realizing that is where most of your shots come from. Plus all the approach shots. So I realized a few weeks ago, I needed to fill out my bag with more mids for practice and just to have different flight paths for those shots. So It's really helped me a lot having the choice of Mids to throw for different shots and holes! I used to just throw that Star Mako3, but it's so twitchy. I used to love it for field throwing, as I can really get a long throw out of it, and it turns a little before it comes back. But on the course, it's a little harder to trust since it goes wherever you throw it. It can go dead straight with the softest barely there fade. Or it can turn a little too much right if I throw it too hard or get even the slightest anhyzer angle on it.

Those MD3's and the Compass have given me 3 new mids to chose from that are so reliable and that I trust. And I'm starting to realize how important shaping shots is, over being able to just throw straight. I mean, I still want to learn how to throw straight really well, but at the same time, practicing hyzer throws of varrying angle is helping me get around trees on the course and throw the disc more like a dart, instead of it gliding or skipping way past where I wanted. Any hole in the 260-310 range, I just pull out the MD3 and rip on it with a hyzer and I'm near the basket pretty often. I think watching pros play a LOT more often now helps me see how important it is as well! I rarely watched pros play before the last week or so. I was only watching certain players, and just their drives. But now, every night before I go to bed, I watch a 9 hole segment of pros playing and it is amazing how few times they need or actually play a straight shot. It's usually only for easy approaches or certain drives. So that has helped me to realize throwing straight isn't as important as I thought it was, and how helpful a good hyzer shot can be!

I was going to ask you another disc suggestion question (or anyone that wants to chime in). If I'm looking for two discs that have a slight left to right turn the whole way for a Mid and a FW, what would you suggest? I have a Gold Line Fuse and a Gold Line Maul, but those now both turn SO hard on me, even on 75% power. They are useful for certain SUPER shots, but overall, they just turn so much, I can't trust them. If I throw them on a rope about 80% power and a little left, they turn almost immediately and never come back! The Maul can end up like 50-80' right of where I was aiming it. Mostly because of it's insane glide. It just never stops gliding, even when it appears to be done. The Fuse does the same, just not as far. Which is good for certain holes, but overall, they both turn too much to trust. And since I'm no where near being able to throw an Anhyzer yet, or very consistently, I'm looking for a mid and a speed 7-9 that can fill that role.

I was thinking maybe a Prodigy F5, or a Lat 64 Jade or River in Opto or Opto X? Or an MVP Amp or Switch in Neutron? Something along that line in a harder plastic, so it doesn't get too flippy or turn too much. Does switching from the exact same disc to it's harder plastic counterpart take off enough turn to make a noticeable difference? Make it so it doesn't turn so hard and for so long? Something that goes straight or barely turns, and then holds that line right. But doesn't go WAY right. Just like a soft 10-20'. Have you ever come across any mids or FW's like that? That is a disc I don't have right now and could REALLY use for those dog leg right holes, since I can't throw a good FH yet, nor can I anhyzer throw. Thanks
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