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I've never thrown a Maul, but the Fuse can be pretty understable but also pretty nice. It feels good in hand and has a ton of glide. Before recommending more discs, try the Fuse on a hyzer release to throw a hyzer flip turnover shot.

Basically it's nice to have a disc that turns over every single time without any doubt. It is the worst if a disc is usually straight but if you hit it slightly too hard or there's some minor wind it'll turn. If a disc turns over and never comes back but in a way that it doesn't cut roll on you, like flip so hard and land on its right edge and roll, then it's not too understable. What you can do is take advantage of its flippiness by releasing on mild to moderate hyzer. During the first part of its flight it'll flip up to flat, all while going straight. Then it'll have a little more turn and once the right wing is down it'll finally start drifting to the right, but it might be halfway through its flight before this happens. Then if it doesn't have any fade on it, it'll just keep drifting slightly right for the rest of its flight and land pretty flat.

So you can control how far right a disc that's moderately to quite understable goes by how much hyzer you start it with. It takes a while to learn this shot, it's an advanced line, but it lets you throw so very interesting lines without any fade and really control the disc's entire flight.

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