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This disc is money.

Yes, I am a noodle arm and my absolute max distance is about 350 ft. with a Air Ballista. I bought a First run Raider and SE Raider and thought that this is another high speed overstable driver, which will give me about 280ft of distance and hard dumpy fade. But no, today in slight headwind I got with the SE Raider consistently 325 ft. long throws in open field. Thrown flat or slight anny, it flew nice straight lines and also surprisingly worked well in the wooded fairways. And yes I know that for my arm speed slower drivers should be a thing, but Raider feels so nice in the hand. Maybe I can now leave my Ballistas and fill my distance slow with Trespasses and Raiders

Need to buy few of those SE Raiders more, because they felt little straighter than the First runs.
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