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Originally Posted by armiller View Post
I support the Pro option. I think Star or Champ start out a little too overstable to be a particularly good beginner disc, at least for what a Leopard should be. Pro starts with some decent flip early on, and beats in nicely. Give it a shot.

I have a 150g star leo I used while starting out, then gave to my kids- best of both worlds if you ask me. Pro plastic discs are kind of crap imo, they feel primo but beat in as fast if not faster than DX and that can be confusing to someone starting out. Iíve had a pro disc go flippy after literally 3 throws. I prefer lighter star because it holds that flight long enough to build yourself around, and at slower speeds thereís no danger of the flight changing while youíre still figuring out your throws.

Just my .02 but it definitely helped me nail down a lot of things.
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