Thread: [Latitude] Older Fuse vs new Fuse.
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Default Older Fuse vs new Fuse.

I bought an opto fuse a while back. Not too long after that, I found an older fuse in a bargain bin, and just closeted it, while keeping the newer one in my bag.

I never clicked with one I was carrying. I just could not control it. Way too flippy, understable..

Long story short. For whatever reason, I decided the grab to older mold, and take it out today to try, before I totally removed the Fuse from my bag. The older one was fantastic for me. More stable, and workable, controlable.
I was thinking it might be heavier, but it's not.

Is this mold known for inconsistencies? I will be trying my newer one again, side by side to make sure it wasn't just me.

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