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Originally Posted by aphilso1 View Post
I tried that journey and didn't find a gyro solution. Photon flies more like a flat Star Wraith, which is a huge stability jump up from a Wave. Defy is supposed to fly like a beat in Photon, but in my experience it is another Wraith clone just with a bit dumpier of a fade. So clearly it is not filling the gap either.

Same manufacturer but non-gyro: I've heard good things about the Streamline Trace, and that it can basically be your beefier Wave. If I was committed to an all MVP/Axiom/Streamline bag, I would definitely be giving the Trace a really long look to slide between a Photon and Plasma Wave (Plasma is by far the best Wave plastic).

However, I personally decided to move on from the Wave this year and found the Dynamic Discs Trespass to be a great replacement. A Trespass starts off a bit more stable and glidier than a Wave, and beats in nicely to a Wave-like stability. There are also certain plastics (Lucid-X, Moonshine) that are intentionally overstable so it's a mold that for me can cover the full stability spectrum. I will say that guys that throw over 400' typically wish the Trespass had a little more stability, but I'm not that powerful of a thrower.
I like the Trespass more than the Wave too. The Mayhem is also another good option if you want to stick with MVP/Axiom.

For understable bombs I usually stick with a Shryke.
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