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Originally Posted by Ptronius View Post
For places that get lots of reviews, sure. But there are lots of courses on here with three, four, five reviews that are overrated because one or two folks who had some hand in building it or are excited about their new local course gave it 4 stars when it's really a 1 or 2.

Also, if people tend to apply the full scale to the courses close to them (no idea to what degree this actually happens, but certainly to some degree) this would tend to flatten things out region to region. This could be a good thing I suppose since most people aren't lucky enough to wander the country playing disc golf and just want to know what the best courses are near them.

Just an idea and fun to think about. Not important issues by any measure.

did I touch a nerve or something?
Wouldn't the same thing happen with a course with only 4 local reviews, where the reviewers ranked it at the top of their small list of courses played?

If you've played hundreds of courses, it's hard to rank them. One course may move up or down by dozens of places on a given day, depending on how you feel about it. You may only vaguely remember some courses you've played, so be unable to say how the new course compares to them. But it's easy to have generated a category of ratings in your head, and know which the new one fits in. Yet those people who have played hundreds of courses are, if anything, the ones with the most perspective and most valuable opinions.

The current system may be too simple, but simplicity is also it's virtue. I have a notion of what a consensus of 3.5 out of 5.0 means. I'm less certain of what being the 3,319th ranked course does.

Sidebar: If you ask me what courses I'd prefer to play, you may get a different answer than what courses I recommend. Some courses I prefer to play for sentimental reasons---I started there, I live there---or may not prefer to play because, even though it's great, it's a physical beat-down so I play it rarely. But I rate courses as if I'm giving recommendations to others.

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