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Originally Posted by Ptronius View Post
So what? It's pretty unreasonable to expect something so much a part of some site not to be continually discussed on it's forums. If you don't want to read another post about it, don't. but if you don't then don't be a jerk to the poster.

And clearly you didn't read my idea but felt the need to jump on me for posting it anyway. There's nothing weighted about it. I did do a search. I didn't see anything like my suggestion. Apologies if it's out there and I missed it.

Again, clearly you didn't actually read what I said. This is not at all what I'm trying to do. It's based on "which course do you pick" which is about as subjective as it gets.

I totally agree with all this...and I even threw out the idea of not requiring a written review to rate courses to encourage *more* people to rate them.

Again, so what? I had maybe, oh, somewhere around zero expectation the idea would actually be adopted. It's just fun to think about and discuss....or at least I thought it would be, jeez.

I do and it has.
Throwing out some new ideas? Not a dang thing wrong with it. Marking the courses you have played as having been played? Nothing wrong with that either.

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