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Originally Posted by Alexplz View Post
Hey guys - considering checking out a very understable midrange in premium plastic for woodsy hyzer flips.

The closest thing I can think of to what I'm looking for is a faster/longer protostar Mirage. I basically want to be able to flip this thing with a smooth 70% and have it track right a bit before a gentle fade, ending at center from a slight hyzer.

The underworld, hatchet and fury are some more discs that come to mind when I think smooth flip. The underworld does not fade at all, the fury is always a little shorter than I expect it to be but does fade slightly. I would say a slower opto hatchet is essentially what I'm thinking here.

It looks like the warrant or tursas are pretty close to what I'm looking for. In my experience, understable trilogy fairway drivers are flippier in opto equivalent rather than gold line. Can anyone comment on the flight/stability of different weights/plastics of these two molds?

Any other recommendations? 171g ESP comet is pretty close too, if not a tad too finicky.
Been looking for a disc like this myself, so I'll follow this thread with interest.

One comment about the Opto and Gold Line plastics: My experience with both in using the River showed me that the River started with the same flight pattern fresh out of the box, but the Gold Line wears in a LOT faster. The Opto also will beat in; it's not durable like Champion plastic. But GL wears in and gets flippy faster.
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