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Originally Posted by Reniger View Post
Not a real popular mold, but when comparing to a Mirage, you may want to check out a Star Foxbat. My ex LOVED this disc for hyzerflips and turnovers. For me, when powered down it becomes a great touch flip up disc with amazing glide.

Personally, the 400G M4 is the greatest understable mid I've ever touched in almost 15 years of playing. Incredible control, hyzerflips to a laser beam, sky turnovers, long late-turning left to right shots through the woods. One of my all time favorite discs if I'm even close to a wooded course (which most of Michigan is) I highly, highly recommend checking out a 400G M4. It excels at the flight you've described perfectly.
I had forgotten about the M4. I second its recommendation as an awesome understable mid.

The Foxbat is a lot of fun to throw, but the wind can take that disc and throw it around and abuse it like the Slender Man does Jeff (a little Creepypasta reference, there...)...
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