Thread: [Drivers] Will a defender fit the bill?
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Originally Posted by Jbultman View Post
A average throw for one of moonshines is in the 380-390' range. My lucid ones are beat in and flippy, but go over 400' if I get my angle correct on a calm day.
I actually already have a sheriff in bio and it's my turn over disc, found it in a used bin and it's beat, straight flyer with a right turning finish. maybe try a lucid?
I carry 2 pd2s for overstable but the slot I'm looking to fill is between them and my Trespass. Is the defender more like a destroyer, where it will fit between them? I'm thinking bio plastic for sure now, once beat in should be good right? Too os out of the box
Yeah I think Bio Defender is what you want. The Sheriff definitely beats in and at your arm speed you'll be using it as it should be for max won't act stable for you for long until it beats in even if it starts more stable than most Trespasses. Obviously they are flippier in Bio like you have seen. If you were down in the 350 range then maybe this would have worked.

The Defender may overlap with your PD2's a bit initially but I bet in a month or less of use it will be doing what you want. The -1/3 type of flight after wear...when it turns you know it has a hefty fade still left in it as long as it has a little air under it. They start out with pretty decent distance for being OS but there's definitely an initially beat in period where they all of the sudden get some extra glide and some flip.
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