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Originally Posted by DavidSauls View Post
I can only speak for my community, but I don't think that was the case when I began in the mid-90s. There was 1 course in town and not many people on it, period, but most of the ones I ever saw, were also tournament players (for the few tournaments there were). Even those that weren't, would show up at tournaments to buy discs---the only place they could get real selection (the guy selling from his trunk, only had so much room in his trunk).
Originally Posted by Three Putt View Post
It's like anything, there is more than one reality.

Buying discs at a tournament is the same as buying a disc out of a dudes trunk, though. It's different from winning them as a prize.

I was in St. Louis, which had a 15-year old scene. There was an unfortunate period of time when I had a job that included running a disc golf pro shop at a course and also (in an admittedly complete and total conflict of interest) handled Club merch at Club weeklies. Since I ended up knowing both numbers I knew I was selling 5X more discs than the Club was moving.

BUT...that Club number wasn't all prize discs. We sold discs as well. I don't recall what % of the inventory went to prizes, but it wasn't 100% so I was selling more than 5X what was being given as prizes. This was for a Club that ran weeklies, we literally had an event every weekend and sometimes two + a league. We gave away a lot of prize discs. It still wasn't close to what I was selling.

Also, We were not the only games in town. MC Sports sold discs. The 7-11 by Creve Coeur Park sold discs. There was a head shop nearby that sold Lightning Discs. Dave McCormack had started GDS and was selling discs (before he started making them.) There were three or four "disc in the trunk" sellers I was aware of. It really wasn't all that hard to find golf discs for sale in St. Louis by the mid-90's.

So I'm sure it was different in other places, but by the mid 90's I know that in St. Louis the number of prize discs that circulated a year was dwarfed by the number of discs that were bought and sold. There is no way that it was even anywhere close.
Location, location, location. We had a dozen old timers that grew up with the sport. Andi Lehman, Neal Dambra, Dave Nesbitt, Stimpy Powell and Wlicox. Those folks were involved from very early and drove things here.
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