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Originally Posted by ranger View Post
How do they even make the 3 discs? Are they basically all a bit faster but have less glide?
How different would a FB3 be compared to a flat topped FB (the ones with the stamp)?
Originally Posted by Moose33 View Post
They seem to flatten the top and make it a tick faster. Wouldn’t be much different than the ones they flatten, but if it were another in demand mold they would have to stock it instead of me having to sort through tons of discs every time I want a FB with no dome.
Yes, the "3" top is supposed to be a flat top with the original mold's underside. Early "3" molds such as the Roc3 and Mako3 were FAF in Star plastic, while the Champions weren't quite so FAF board flat but were still pretty flat. Later "3" discs such as the TL3 were disappointingly not FAF board flat.

An FB3 would theoretically be slightly different than a flat FB where the top and bottom mold pieces meet. But there's theory and then there's practice, and who knows how an FB3 would actually turn out...
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