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If you think your form and distance sucks then it might be best to keep all those distance drivers out of your bag. Gives you more space to put slower discs to test or as backups to cycle. Store them for now until you can get them up to speed. Get a firebird if that's what you want and make that your most overstable and highest speed disc. Focus on throwing neutral and slower discs whenever you can and getting the lines and distance you want out of those. When one of those won't work then move up to the stuff like your firebird but don't rely on it's speed and overstability to mask your form issues.

You could try a Wasp, Drone, Verdict, or a lot of other stuff for an OS mid. Those are the ones I have the most experience with. The drone is usually a meathook, the verdict is more straight with fade that kicks in early and the wasp is straight with a little late fade. Try to use the Roc and Buzzz mostly though. It'll clean up your form better.

Cycling classic judges and a fuzion for driving and upshots is a great idea I think. Not just because I do the same thing either lol.

I really wouldn't throw anything beyond your teebirds and the firebird in heavy winds or for spike hyzers. You're just holding yourself back by throwing the wraith, destroyer, etc. When you do clean up the form and get more distance put the renegade in the bag and once you can hyzer flip that thing with good form move up to the wraith and beyond. Nothing you do right now with that destroyer can't be accomplished with a slower disc if you aren't able to get it up to speed.

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