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Originally Posted by aphilso1 View Post
My arm must be squarely in that small effective power window, because a Plasma Wave flies pretty beautifully for me. Basically an 11/5/-2/2 flight path. Great tailwind bomber, can be forced over into a roller, can ride a long turnover in calm winds, etc. Yeah, it's flippy but it is a nice controllable flippy disc for me. Renegade on the other hand was super inconsistent. For every one throw that was a perfect crush, I'd have 3 others that were throwlers.
The last couple Waves I've tried have been like 12, 4, -4, 2. Wildly flippy, and not a ton of glide. The Wave doesn't like to be thrown hard at all, hyzer or flat.

With the Renegade I think I had 1 good throw in like 12 tries. I had the disc in my bag for a trial round on the course one day. I kept trying different shots with it. Zero success. The only shot I would even SLIGHTLY consider pulling the Renegade out for would be a medium length drive in a gusty tailwind. That's the only way the disc will stay flat. The Surge is such a better disc than the Renegade it isn't funny.
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