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Default <300' and Feeling Lost


I've been playing for about 3 months now and stuck in my progression. Putters and mids both hit about 200-225' (max 250 for mids) and drivers usually hit about 250' and max out at about 275'. I used to throw from a standstill and anything above speed 5 would immediately hyzer out, so I found that adding an x-step helped me align with my target and get my arm moving faster. Now, I can get nice flights out of my drivers, however I can't get them to break 275.

I try watching technique videos from SW22 but don't know which ones to focus on and implement, I'm starting to feel lost and am considering trying to just restart from the ground up since I haven't been playing a long time and don't have a super developed throw anyways.

Any advice to point me in the right direction would be appreciated!

First throw is a DX Roc, second is an Infinite Exodus, these produced the best throws I can expect out of myself. Mids and putters I throw slowly and (in my mind) smoothly. Drivers I try to step it up a bit to hit the speed number and produce proper flight.
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