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If I learned anything from trying to figure out my form on my own, reading up on this forum and countless of hours of youtube binging it is that you need to focus on one detail at a time.

Here's 3 of the most obvious things I see to work on:

I would start with the feet
While my stepsequenze differs from yours (first step is straight with the left foot, 2nd is angled then x-step ...) I sort of like the angles produces up the the plant which is way to open, toes pointing towards the target.

Then you have the timing of the rest of the body in the runup. your full reachback/top of your swing happens in your first step. and then unloads before your plantfoot/brace/weighttransfer happens. This will take a bit longer but try keep targetward
for longer and find where to "leave the disc" in your walk. This will be a longer process but with great benefits to reap at the end.

Last one is a real distance killer and its about you hugging yourself. if you pause at 0:10 give or take a frame you will see that the angle between you upper arm and your shoulders has collapsed. Start in full backswing (reachback) no disc needed and turn your body into a netrual position 90 degrees from the target (where you would like to hit the powerpocket). Do this once with you hugging your self and one maintaining >90 degree angle upperarm/shoulders and see how big of a difference there is in the distance your disc has travelled from the same movement and effort.

English is clearly not my first language, feel free to ask for clarification if needed.

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