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Originally Posted by navel View Post
I know that you are focusing on new movements and that sort of thing can really make you tense up, but you are way too tense right now. You are way too focused on forced balance, motions and movements.

If you are training for smooth and relaxed form your training should be smooth and relaxed too. See if you can do the same movements with athletic relaxation and a clear mind. Should look and feel like a dance move, not like a seizure.
Easiest way to get relaxed is doing something that you normally do relaxed and then carry that relaxation into the throwing movement. Try walking towards target for a few steps. Anywhere from 5-20 steps, then just flow into the throw naturally as smooth as possible. Your body shouldn't feel much different than walking = balanced, relaxed, and athletic.
Oh you mean to tell me this doesn't look like effortless Macbethian powah?

My muscle memory and shot routine was lost a few weeks ago with the form teardown haha. I don't have a new routine yet. Its just my brain screaming "Elbow up, *******!", "Point your ass at the target, bitch!", "Set your wrist like you're pouring coffee like I told you!", "Watch the disc through the power pocket, dumbass!", "Point your belt buckle from 7 to 11 o'clock!", "Crack that whip, son! What are you, WEAK OR SOMETHING!?"

I'll get there someday.

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