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Originally Posted by Brychanus View Post
I still play the most rounds on the short tees nearby (mostly ~200-250' holes) because I figure until I'm birdieing every one of them all the time, I have a long way to go. I only throw fairly neutral putters and mids on these shots. I'm starting to get decent C1 accuracy on different lines, but my putting isn't converting past 20'. When I putt, I've started to notice that if I let my arm dangle and feel the weight of the disc as if I was throwing a bean bag, I have more control and my swing is getting more consistent. But I'm still not sinking them as often on the course. I always appreciate any insights here. Putting is hard!

For forehands, I have a few Buzzzes and Undertakers (and already love them for BH). Any favorite resources for newbie FH advice to get up to 200' safely w/ good technique? I have a minor shoulder issue and I want to take it slow. I've seen the Stokeley vids, Ulibarri, and similar, but I really need help as someone who never learned to throw a sidearm baseball or similar technique properly. I always feel like my lower and upper body aren't connected and it puts weird torque on my body. Can move it to a form review once I get a bit underway w/ beginner best practices.
I agree that putting is hard. Practice is the number one thing. Things like figuring out weight (sounds like you're getting this) are important, and then eliminating herky-jerky movements. Weight shift with your feet is big. It's easy to miss the top players doing this, but you need to find a good way to transfer energy from back to front, usually from back foot to front. Keep working at it. For me, practice with 30 putters and a practice basket is never the same as on the course practice. It's a good idea to keep at least two putters in the bag at all times, then putt twice on each hole. That makes for more realistic practice.

As for forehand, I would have you look through the forum threads because there will be links to videos, etc. However, you'll occasionally find some things that are less helpful or occasionally even wrong. You're right that a lot of players with naturally strong forehands came from throwing sports, but it shouldn't be that tough to incorporate a short forehand. 200' will be a stretch at first. I think the biggest thing is to start getting comfortable with the proper wrist action at lower speeds. One of the best practice discs is actually a Discraft Ultrastar or other ultimate frisbee lid. Part of why it's beneficial is 1) it's so neutral so you need good wrist action and it will expose poor form and 2) the grip is really awkward so it forces you to figure out how you should hold forehand discs. If you don't have something like an Ultrastar, then even a Comet or Polecat or other lower speed and neutral disc can be good for practice.

Those are some early morning musings. Hope they help.
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