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Default Wizard Selection & Procurement

Hey All,
There are a lot of threads about Wizards out there and I've searched several and read a fair amount. I still think my question(s) deserve a post though, as I'm hoping to get some help specific to my situation...

As background, I'm currently putting KC Pro Aviars and I don't have any huge complaints about them, I'm mostly just curious to try swapping out Wizards to see if I like them better. I've really only putted with Pro or KC Pro Aviars...ever.

I like KC Pro because its stiff, and I like slightly grippier feel of Pro plastic (I've got 1 first run Pro Aviar left of a stack). I don't like the Pro because the flight plate flexes when I hold it up flat. This could be something I learn to deal with though, since I'm finding I dislike how slick the KC Pro is nearly as much as I like the rigidity.

So, my first question is plastic type. I'd ideally like something firm and grippy, but understand that this isn't always a possibility. I'm thinking Eraser or Organic is the right way to go. Any advise?

Second and maybe most important (because person preference on "feel" is kind of an all over the place topic) what's the best way to get say 5 or so of the "same" disc... weight, plastic, color, etc.? I tried infinite discs but can't seem find multiples in colors I like. The gateway website does have a wholesale purchase form, but does that apply to a non-vendor like myself? Should I just email Gateway and start down that route or does anyone have any guidance from experience they could share?

Thanks in advance! I'm a Newbie on this site but I really like how helpful everyone is around here.
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