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Originally Posted by Aim For The Chains View Post
Um duh? Are you the same person?
You cannot effectively extoll the virtues of your favorite discs if you never give anything else a fair comparison I guess. I also think the a overall quality of an average Volt has improved tremendously. I had an unlucky series of meh flying Volts come into my possesion over the years I wasn't playing much. For the most part I had been throwing the very first tester Volt MVP gave me...a flattish N with a straight flight and late fade. The other FR Ns I went through were all strange...either really domey or flat and a different flight from my preferred. The early Protons were flat as a board and had Zero high speed turn for me...not bad, but not a Volt I could throw for 75% of my tee shots. After that came 2 Eclipse and a Plasma Volt that were all 176-177. They fly like good Volts when I load up on them, but don't respond well to powering down at all.

I was beginning to worry that my favorite Volt was the freak rather than the norm. This was exacerbated by the flight #'s Proton Volt I bought at the beginning of the summer. It feels great, but flies weird. Under 300' it is my most OS Volt, but when thrown hard it has the most turn of all my Volts.

Now you can understand my excitement last week when I bought the first new N Volts that I had seen in person in years. Not only that, but they all weigh 174-175 (my preferred). Oddly they were stickered 173. The best part is that all 3 different color discs fly the way I've come to depend on a Volt flying. They are all pretty flat without being planar like those early Protons with the stormtrooper having the lowest shoulder. That white one flies the straightest and is pretty much identical in flight to my FR when fresh. It has a little slow turn that makes it very versatile and responsive to slighly different release angles. The 2nd one is a dayglo yellow/green that is overstable overall for a Volt, but still long and glidey and in character. The 3rd is an orange that falls right in the middle if the other two. I really like the feel of these discs with very stiff rims and stiff N cores that still have a bit of a rubbery feel.

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