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Default Artificial Wear

OK so, being the impatient type, but also the type to prefer premium plastics in drivers, I am tempted to experiment with beating in some S and GFDs artificially.

I tried a DX Roc in the dryer at one point in time, did not seems to accomplish much. I used 0 heat and didn't add any rocks or old shoes - next time could try a little heat and maybe at least put a few discs in at once.

I have also been thinking about taking a Brillo pad to the surface of a disc to muss up the gloss and possibly aid in spoiling laminar flow. The way I understand it, it's not actually well agreed upon that it's the changing of the PLH through wear that reduces HSS - could also just be the hundreds of nicks and abrasions, or a combination thereof.

I have considered heating them in sub-boiling water and allowing them to cool, possibly just on a flat surface with no weight. The FDs I'm considering doing this to have heartbeat domes, and I suspect that re-heating and allowing them to cool more slowly could reduce their stability to where it would have been without unusual molding circumstances.

Finally, there's the old reliable technique of... well basically playing disc golf with them. Thumbers and wooded courses, in addition to allowing them to pan and skitter on the flight plate or just driving them into woody bushes etc.

What in your experience works the best to reduce the HSS of a disc quickly?
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