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Originally Posted by BirdieMachine View Post
I like to compare disc specs as Companies all measure speed, turn and fade all differently. You can't argue the actual specs. Westside always seems to rate their discs faster and more overstable consistently. As long as you know that going in you can get a better idea what the disc will fly like.
Typically I'd agree with that. There are always certain factors that can come in to play like plastic blends and dome that will effect glide and flight some also but it's a great place to start. I usually pick one up and if it fits my hand nice I will throw it then go from there. If it's awkward in my hand I usually don't get to the throwing stage. I've tried to like discs that were weird in my hand and they never work out. The Fury and Mace are two perfect examples that I hated how they felt in my hand but bought one to try anyway. I gave away the Fury. Still have two Maces for sale.

Westside definitely has a little different numbering system but they test them in Finland and use the numbers they feel best represent the flight there. The higher altitude I'm told makes them more stable and longer in flight due to thinner air. I've never been I can't say.
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