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Originally Posted by zbyrd View Post
I can throw forehand relatively well, so I never need to throw turnovers.
That's not true. There are lines you can't hit with a forehand that you can with a turnover shot. Specifically, gentle, constant right turns or right turns followed by left turns.

Originally Posted by zbyrd View Post
So from what I understand, to throw a turnover, you throw a stable to understable disc flat and overpower it on purpose. This will make it fly more understable than it should.
You're not necessarily overpowering it. Understable discs are typically SUPPOSED to go to the right with a RHBH throw at normal power.

Originally Posted by zbyrd View Post
As for the flight, it should go right (RHBH) and continue that way without fading back, or minimally so. Is all that correct?
Depends on the shot you need. Sometimes you don't want it to come back at all, sometimes you want it to land flat, and sometimes you actually want it to finish left.

Originally Posted by zbyrd View Post
Why would you throw a turnover and not an anhyzer? What is the difference?
The only real difference is which disc you're using. To make a Destroyer go to the right, you've got to anhyzer it, unless you've got 600' of power. To make a Sidewinder go right, you throw it flat or even with a touch of hyzer.

Originally Posted by zbyrd View Post
When I overpower stuff, it usually becomes an unintentional roller, so to turn it over properly do it just require a precise amount of overpowering? Or is it more likely that a form issue is causing it to turn too much(roller)?
We've all got form issues, so it never hurts to try to smooth out your throw and eliminate OAT (off-axis torque = "wobble"). But if I were you I'd work on using different discs and angles rather than trying to throw the living hell out of your discs.
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