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Originally Posted by ThrowaEnvy View Post
Lick his eye it's more disgusting and uncomfortably intimate. Haha

Yeah I could see Elmex liking the Matrix... I used to be a huge Buzzz guy if there was a 170 Axis... mmm close but yeah. The Tangent is Buzzz broken in awesome 25' shorter and the axis is Buzzz +25' but you gotta power it up to love it.. And there isn't the cycling awesomeness but a sweet broken in Axis is almost Comet glide with moderate broken in Buzzz stability.. Axis is sweet when beat!!!!

I got no problem swapping my Buzzz for an Axis but.... The Vertex, Theory, or Tangent can't touch the Comet glide.. Vertex was closest for me for handling but dropped too fast downhill.. Fission 165 Axis.. Just f@@@ing make it already.

Originally Posted by wolfmandragon View Post
As a Wasp thrower, there is no way Elmex would like the Matrix. It is closer to a slower Buzzz than a Wasp. Really, it is a Roc/Buzzz hybrid, but not a Wasp/Roc3 replacment.
i tried the matrix when it first came out and i threw em with aim and he hit pipe on hole 1 i can agree its the hybrid mix between wasp/buzz

axis is floaty and doesnt hold up in a wind especially headwind like a buzz does theyre roughly the same lines in no wind but with any wind thats when buzz clearly becomes superior

overall discraft mids > mvp mids

but mvp putters > discraft mids

choose wisely

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