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I threw all the Gyropalooza stuff in my Nutsac and just played with the seven new discs. Bit odd with nothing “Crave-straight” but shot -3 over 18 holes.

Relativity - really no right to even look at this. Basically too much disc. Flies exactly like my Mayhem, Tenacity, … just too much disc. I could sort of see it wanting to flip a little though.
Defy - wow. Only 150gm and it felt like a rocket ship. Really surprised by this one. Liked it a lot.
Inertia - pretty good. Felt nice. I have messed with Insanity’s in the past and they felt similar.
Volt - lovely. Felt a little more mellow than the Bendy James ones and flew very nicely. Just like my Plasma Shock.
Uplink - wow … loved it. Every shot I tried seemed to work. I think the Theory is in trouble.
Proxy - it’s a Proxy.
Nomad - it’s okay, but I like my Spin/Ion combo at the moment.

I may try and fit the Defy in the bag but need to mess with it a bit more.

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