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All this talk about drag coefficients and aerodynamics is hurting my head. What I think started this argument was a misapprehension that we can judge rim width ("speed") independently of stability when we're talking about how far a disc will go at a certain power level. This is simply not true. A player with "300 feet" of power (whatever that means) will be able to throw a Tern further than a PD2. Put another way, if you apply the same level of power to a Tern as a PD2, you will get different results in flight, even though the rim width might be the same. So simply picking 2 discs of different speeds (say a Teebird and a Destroyer) and saying the faster one will fly further than the slower one at a certain power level is an inaccurate simplification.

In my own experience, for a player with a very low power (my dad in this case, throwing around 200 feet max), giving them an understable distance driver that matched their power level DID result in longer average throws than an understable fairway driver. I've seen the same results watching other older players with low levels of power as well. They might not be able to throw Destroyers further than Teebirds, but they can certainly throw GStar Terns further than Teebirds. Matching the stability to the power level is just as important as matching the rim width.

I think we have too many people on here who take the term "getting the disc up to speed" and equate it literally with rim width (or the manufacturer's "speed" rating). This is why we get preached to all the time about how lower power players should stay away from fast drivers. Whatever "up to speed" means has just as much to do with stability as rim width. You can't put as much power into a GStar Tern as you do a Star Destroyer without burning it into the ground. "Up to speed" for a GStar Tern is slower than for a Star Destroyer despite them having the same rim widths. Put another way, handing a newer player a GStar Tern is not going to turn them into a torque monkey because excess torque will burn that disc into the ground just like it would a Leopard or Sidewinder.

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