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Yeah, a couple concepts to start from is that you don't need to use your eyes to aim. Think of a tennis don't set up any other shot like that. And you're not looking at your opponent. You decide where you want to place the ball, set up your body accordingly, then go through with the rest of the motion letting muscle memory and positioning take over. Same thing with a drive, you decide and remember the height of the intended shot and your release angle for hyzer/flat/anny, then your body and feet setup will take you along the path of the flight no matter if you are looking or not. The trees aren't going anywhere, you don't need to look at them while throwing a shot with any amount of power. Of course on short upshots you can look at gaps, but this is a different technique and you aren't trying to get a full flight.

I agree with SW22, for starters I would have a nice sideways stance with right foot 90 degrees to target and rear foot maybe 120ish from target so pointed slightly back. Trace a line rear toes through front heel to target. Think of the reachback as a backswing where you turn your upper body back...right shoulder turns back, left shoulder blade towards target, so you rotate nice and balanced around the spine. Keep your upper arm angle greater than 90 degrees at all times. You will feel like you're reaching way out to the side, but this will let you bring the disc in one line to the target in an elbow forward position. That closed shoulder snap video above shows this.

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