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Originally Posted by slowplastic View Post
I agree with SW22, for starters I would have a nice sideways stance with right foot 90 degrees to target and rear foot maybe 120ish from target so pointed slightly back. Trace a line rear toes through front heel to target. Think of the reachback as a backswing where you turn your upper body back...right shoulder turns back, left shoulder blade towards target, so you rotate nice and balanced around the spine. Keep your upper arm angle greater than 90 degrees at all times. You will feel like you're reaching way out to the side, but this will let you bring the disc in one line to the target in an elbow forward position. That closed shoulder snap video above shows this.
I went today and spent about 40 minutes working on this...reaching back, eyes away from target, right arm fully extended, pulling elbow through core area, and having a good follow through

I started with just a stand still to get the stance correct, shoulders away from target, and the feeling of my right arm extended behind me. I threw a dozen or so like this but found it was hurting my elbow - maybe trying to throw too hard or arm not warmed up yet.

I went back to my 4 step walk up, similar to what's in the video, except this time I made sure to extend my arm behind me, shoulders and head turned away from target, and kept the wristiness out of my motion. I basically tried to combine the videos above with this video from Schusterick It was just the first day but I was happy with the results.

I didn't see a lot of distance gained on my mids (Comet, Manta, Stingray, Stratus, etc), and maybe a little less accuracy that I had been getting, but what I did see was a flight path that was more in line with what the disc numbers would indicate...the Stingray and Stratus both had a nice little turnover, the Comet went straight but now didn't want to fade any like it had in the past, and even my beat to pieces Leopard turned over more than it had been. Most of my discs are understable (being a newbie, I assumed that was what I was supposed to get...and it has helped) so I really wasn't finding a fade with any of my throws. Slight fade on my beat a bit DX Teebird and some fade on my Roc, but other than that not much.

The other thing I found was that some discs that I couldn't get to fly correctly before were now flying as they should: Sidewinder DX 165g went way right and very far (my buddy said over 300', if so that's the first time I've ever hit that milestone) with very little fade back towards middle; my 164g Avenger SS X-Line was reasonably long (not Sidewinder long though) and had a pretty strong turnover (like a -3/1 disc should); and a disc that had done nothing except take a hard fade on me, 168g DX Valkyrie, was long and straight.

So I'm feeling pretty pumped right now!!!

The only thing that bums me out is that I had pretty much decided what discs I wanted for Christmas but now if discs are going to start flying like the numbers indicate they should, I'm going to have to rethink my disc wants!

Thanks for everything...once it gets back above 50 (maybe Monday) I'll try to put a new video up of my new found form!


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