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That sounds great. Less fade probably means you are getting more spin on the disc...funny how more spin happens when you aren't trying to spin the disc heh

Be careful with the elbow thing. That can happen if you trying to gas the throw with your shoulder while maybe trying to throw mid-power, so the torso isn't really coming through but the shoulder is hitting too hard and the elbow catches up to slam open rather than everything smoothly following through without impact. If something hurts then definitely figure out why and avoid it.

Honestly a 300' and in straight throw is one of the most important to have, and not everyone has that. You can always buy a more overstable disc at some point and throw it the same way to end left, but you can't buy a 300' straight shot without actually knowing how to throw pretty well.

Also a word of warning on that Schustrick video: it has helped me as much as it has hurt me while I was learning past the basics. Nothing in there is wrong, just his body and mechanics are so different on the surface from most people, that trying to copy it is difficult. Definitely take generalities and concepts from it, but do not try to copy his form piece by piece. It took me a long time to actually understand what his motions are, compared to my initial reaction of liking his throw because it looks so good.

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