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Originally Posted by slowplastic View Post
What I would focus on is first, you aren't flowing. You are also tipping/tilting your spine back to the rear of the tee rather than turning around your spine in a balanced upright/athletic position. Also your upper arm angle is too shallow, you are reaching behind you rather than out wide. Get a 100-120 degree upper arm/shoulder angle at reachback, it should feel weirdly out to the side.

You then start moving/spinning forward all at once, and leading with your front leg. You can see your front heel rotate back, toes rotate open, and front knee rotate open to lead the throw. This loses any potential weight shift you could have. You are then playing catch-up with your front leg, and your arm gets squashed against your chest and you have to round the throw a bit instead of having a wide upper arm angle and elbow forward "drag the disc" form the front a bit instead of getting it forward and unloading all the levers.

Look at the difference between your first throw where you really open the foot before landing, and the last throw where you still have the pre-opening intentions, but let it stay closed more.
Thank you for your feedback!

I think I was so intent on getting my arm back and out away from the back of my body that I tilted my body to get that disc way back there. Thank you for pointing out my tilt...I never would have thought about it, but it makes complete since!

On my right arm, are you saying I don't need to straighten it out so much, I should keep it bent a little (because my arm is almost completely straight, and to me looks unnatural)?

And I shouldn't have it so far straight back out (to the rear) from my body, but I should keep it out away from the front of my body a bit for clearance when coming through?

Ahhhh, so I'm rotating my front foot too soon and therefore the weight isn't shifting like it should. Should my hips, arms, or shoulders start the forward movement?

You are saying my last throw was better than my first right?

I feel like I'm making it a bit too mechanical, trying to get everything as it looks online, and not really being, as you so well pointed out, very athletic!

Again, I appreciate your time and will continue working to get my form (and therefore results) better!

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