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Originally Posted by slowplastic View Post
You aren't countering/pushing your rear hip to drive your weight forward. What you are doing now is shifting your pelvis straight from the load to the putt motion, and relying on just your rear foot to counter the throw. You should feel your rear hip, right in your case, go slightly behind your front hip. This will push all of your weight onto your front leg/hip, and then the rear foot will go up and behind you to more effectively counter the putt.

Because you aren't getting the hip shift the right way I think you're trying to overdo the weight transfer and your shoulders are getting past your front foot, so you then have to kick up your rear foot a bunch to prevent tipping over and stepping/foot faulting.

This is probably in that circle's edge range. Watch how McBeth starts with his pelvis around 45 degrees, and drives his rear hip behind/into the front one to really get his weight forward. He starts at 45 degrees but ends around 70 degrees. If you see him jump putt where he really needs power he almost lands past 180 degrees and slightly backwards to the basket.

Thanks for the great advice. I think you're onto something here. I usually try to face the basket too much and it feels really akward. I'll try turning my hip to the side a bit more on my release and let you know how it goes.

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