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Your nose angle is fine on the putts that you release cleanly. Everyone putts different, so do what works for you, but I like nose neutral to slightly down. I find it cuts through wind better, doesn't fade at the end, and powers into and down in the basket at impact. Your poor nose angle on some putts is because of bad sequencing. It's from a saggy weight transfer, and as deyo7 said you don't always load your body and disc at the same time. Sometimes you load into your hips and the disc is still in front. If you start in the wrong position then you're setting yourself up for failure and it's just a fluke if your weight and disc hit at the same time.

Also don't think of it as "turning the hip to the side at release"...think of it as driving the rear hip into the front hip. The weight shift from the rear leg should be INTO the front leg, the way to do that is by getting the rear hip behind and into the front hip. This way you'll be in balance on the front leg, and your entire core will move forward and into the putt. Hopefully this makes sense, it has made a massive difference in my putting ease.

Edit: In the clip I posted above you can see McBeth's rear hip instantly "snaps" behind the front hip to drive forward, then some additional momentum in the follow through gives it a lazy drift behind farther. But the point is that the hip goes that direction to shift the weight, not just to counter. It shouldn't feel aggressive, but it should just feel balanced.

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