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So, I used to play Ultimate (blah, blah, blah).

I once tried throwing a few DG discs about 13 years ago (specifically a DX Aviar - 164g, DX XD - 173g, Pro-D Magnet and Pro-D Cyclone). I knew nothing about X-steps or how to throw without a pivot.

Forgot about them until September this year when I came across the World Champs on Jomez Pro in my Youtube suggestions.

Inevitably I went and bought a DX 5-disc set.
- DX Aviar - 162g
- DX Roc3 - 176g
- DX Leopard - 163g
- DX Teebird - 170g
- DX Destroyer - 164g

I then watched A LOT of JomezPro and CCDG etc. I analysed pros driving form and started imitating. I looked through some drills but found them unconvincing as a training tool.

Turned up to a local course with temporary baskets and had a good time. Found I can throw my putters about 240' and at first nothing else would go any further. Nose-up issues apparently.

Then when I did some research Mako3's came up as good for ex-ultimate players. I bought two 175g Champion Mako3s along with a DiscCatcher basket so I could practice my putting (and play the course on my own).

After a little practice varying nose angles with various low speed discs those Mako3s have become a staple for me off the tee and I can get them laser-straight out to about 270'.

I've been doing a little field work, some proselytizing to work colleagues and some putting practice. I've developed a feeble spin putt that I hope will eventually become something like Paige Pearce's.

I've lost my Roc3 in the woods on hole 9 (unfortunately taking my 2 under round of 9 up to even), I liked the flight though I didn't much like the bead I can't see myself throwing a beaded disc forehand.

I've joined Disc Golf Strong and a couple of stuttering weeks in and I'm already feeling great benefit and much preferring my "training" (directed) over my previous "exercise" (aimless).

I'm already throwing my mids further than half the club throws their drivers and I'm being praised for a 'big arm' or possibly fast arm (I might be strong-arming it though I have fairly poor upper body strength).

When doing fieldwork I'm finding my putters and Mako3s are flying nice and straight but the Leopard and Destroyer are starting to become a throller. If I try and set it on a hyzer my TeeBird goes nice and straight though my throws of it are a little variable.

To keep giving myself something to work on and find something that will fly overstable I bought a Champion TeeBird 172g. This is a significant tick more overstable than my DX so I'll be working on throwing that. I find if I release it flat with one of my better throws it just about stays flat with a little fade at the end, but if I throw just as I do my DX TeeBird it's got a gentle but increasing turn left (RHBH) throughout the flight.

I threw the Destroyer today into a light headwind and I tried to put some hyzer on it to counter the turn I've been getting. It lofted a little (so I'm guessing I put it a touch nose up, or it's related to my hyzer technique) and it went through a flex flight and covered 87m (285' UDisc measurement).

I'm not yet focussing on gripping it to rip it. I'm happy with my grip shape but putting pressure in the right places at the right time and really punching with the elbow are future goals. For now I'm happy with having what feels to me like a clean x-step, smooth weight shift, a little core engagement and no rounding. Everything is feeling much smoother as I improve.

Onwards and upwards!
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