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Originally Posted by Ajo1125 View Post
Do you always put with a glove on?

Noticed a few wobbly puts maybe grip has something to do with it.

I donít see many putting with a stack of putters in their hand.

Very informative videos so far just a few things I noticed. Gives me the same vibe as the old Discraft videos I really do think itís great.
Were you watching my Variables of Putting video? On some of those I was trying to force more wobble to make it very visible. However, I do have some wobble for sure. I have a hypothesis that wobble actually helps accuracy on longer putts by breaking up the influence of the wind. A little wobble, that is. Take a look at this video that measure Drew Brees' accuracy to see where I got the idea.

At about 7:20 they say, "Surprisingly, a little wobble is necessary to keep the ball on target." and then they explain why. Doesn't have anything to do with disc golf per se, but got me thinking about the topic.

I probably don't need the glove to putt, but I have a neurological disorder that falls under the MDA diseases. I don't have reflexes and my muscles at the extremities atrophy. Too many foot surgeries to count. I have issues with grip fatigue through a round, so the glove helps even out my grip to keep my throws consistent. I prefer to leave it on when putting, so I practice with it when putting as well.

And yes, I've moved to putting my putters on a stool most of the time. However, look up McBeth's 50+1 putting video and he's holding a stack. Thanks for taking a look at my channel!
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